Morbark 640

The Morbark model 640, is a more purpose-built deorifier suitable for use in sawmill and spatula plants. This machine can be used for both soft and hardwood, both small and large diameters. The 640 quickly decorating material with a small diameter, while also having enough power to decorating large diameters of the material.
The spiral debarking system rotates and shifts the material around the debarking  head whit debarking inserts. Depending on the diameter of the material, the feed speed of the material can be changed due to the rear feed roller, where the operator sets the angle below which the feed roller is in contact with the log, this changing the spiral speed depending on the type of material. This system allows you to adjust the optimum decorating speed variably and use the full capacity of the machine under all conditions, for example, the offmilling of root loads and other unevenness on the decorating trunk can be accelerated, diameter etc.

Debarker PSP/PS8

 PSP/PS8  can debark logs in diameter from 76 -to 305 mm. Central section is fitted with a complete debarking system, a combination of carbide teeth and a knifes.
Hydraulically operated feeding. Material supports on the infeed  and outfeed conveyor. Hydraulically operated pressure roller. The mobile version includes a towing eye and wheels (max. 25 km-h) Drive of the PTO shaft from the tractor (to specify the speed of the tractor)Safety cover The machine complies with CE regulations

Debarker C-serie

The design of the series "C''allows you to debark the material in diameter from 4" to 24" ( 101 - 609 mm). The use of this system is suitable for debarking of hard wood and soft wood, including fibrous material and special types of wood, such as cedar.
The "C" series debarker use the morbark continuous, direct debarking system for complete material debarking together with the "rollcase'' system allowing the machine operator to simultaneously debarking one piece of material and load the other piece of material into debarking mechanism of the machine in one time. Debarrker is supplied with a feed conveyor type "rollcase", the feed conveyor length is 6096mm. Feed and outfeed  conveyor is driven hydraulically.


The Morbark Chip-Pac combines chipping, screening and chip loading into one self-contained package. Morbark chip screens are proven high-capacity machines that separate overs and fines from acceptable chips. With a rugged Morbark chipper at its heart, the Chip-Pac, available in 48" and 58" (121.9 cm and 147.3 cm) sizes, is extensively used to sawmill waste. Chip-Pacs are available with a 10-hp (7.5 kW), 30-hp (22.4 kW) or 40-hp (29.8 kW) chip blower, plus an optional 3-hp (2.2 kW) fines blower.